Corporate Labor Law

RUA ABOGADOS is a specialist in the management of labor relations and in this area provides advice and consultancy, among others, in the following aspects:
  • Advise the company on the labor hiring scheme according to the corporate business strategy.
  • Design of fixed and variable salary structures, extra-legal benefits, emotional incentives that achieve employee loyalty, profitability and productivity in the company.
  • Adaptation of labor needs to the organizational culture.
  • Advice on the processing of labor news such as advance notices, renewals, terminations for just cause, suspensions, disciplinary sanctions, among others.
  • We create labor relations that impact collaborators and are transmitted to the end customer.
  • We design flexible, innovative labor relations, with the use of new ways of seeing and using technology.
  • Sanitation of previous labor relations.
  • Preparation, development and termination of employment contracts for specialized levels of Direction, Management and Trust, administrative, operational and commercial personnel.
  • Answer all kinds of labor inquiries that are proposed to you, by telephone, in person or in writing and that are related to the contracting entity..
  • Review and approve the documents and matters of a labor nature related to the contractor that are submitted for its consideration.
  • Carry out negotiation processes with highly complex collaborators.
  • Represent the contracting company in conciliation processes before the Ministry of Labor.
  • Respond to labor protection actions, especially privileges of reinforced labor stability, processes of rehabilitation, relocation and reincorporation, pre-pension, jurisdiction of maternity and paternity, due process, among others.

Social Security

  • Preventive advice on comprehensive social security and health, pension and ARL subsystems.
  • Elaboration of due diligence in the contribution schemes of the company's workers, implementing strategies that allow optimizing resources.
  • Legal and documentary support: we advise the company in relation to the requirements and documents required by current regulations; we fill out documents that the company requires in order to validate the affiliation of each of the workers to the Integral Social Security System.
  • Accompaniment in news in the Comprehensive social security system; affiliations, disaffiliations, suspensions, among others.
  • Advise the contracting company in administrative sanctioning processes carried out by the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit-UGPP.
  • Advice on recoveries before the EPS, ARL, AFP and FOSYGA.
  • Advice and support in the response to Requirements of Control entities of the obligations to the integral Social Security System.

Telephone: +57 313 805 6098 - +57 311 497 9916