Social Responsibility
Generation of Shared Value

Given that the vast majority of agricultural, mining, energy and industrial developments are located in areas of direct and indirect influence of rural inhabitants, groups of relocated, black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal and Palenquera communities, indigenous communities and the ROM people, the accompaniment and socio-economic and cultural management of these populations is decisive for the strengthening of bonds of trust, joint development and growth and the establishment of good neighborly relations, which promote the constructive and peaceful coexistence of the different actors around business development and guarantee their constitutional right to prior, free and informed consent in the decisions that may affect them.

To achieve these objectives, the unit of Social Responsibility and Generation of Shared Value with Communities of RUA ABOGADOS has an interdisciplinary team expert in community social management, with extensive experience in the socio-economic management of rural, ethnic, indigenous communities, and vulnerable population.
Taking into account the particular characteristics of each project, RUA ABOGADOS advises on the design and implementation of the Master Plans for Management and Social and Economic Development of the communities neighboring the productive nuclei of the projects, as a guiding instrument for their development, which allows articulating and optimizing the efforts of client companies to improve their environment, with a view to strengthening their ties with neighboring communities, to face their business progress with responsibility and solidity.

These plans are structured by consulting the intrinsic needs of each community, through the implementation of rural community participation mechanisms and participatory social development, ensuring that the client company becomes an integrator and channel of public and private efforts aimed at the consolidation of projects that allow the self-management of these communities, to improve their quality of life and strengthen ancestral patterns, in the case of indigenous communities. Similarly, the Unit for Social Responsibility and Generation of Shared Value with Communities of RUA ABOGADOS, performs interdisciplinary consulting in the following aspects:
  • Implementation and advice in the prior consultation process.
  • Participatory rural diagnostics.
  • Planning of programs with regional orientation -PPOR..
  • Rural extension programs: Training and awareness-raising on environmental, social, technological issues, fire management and control, and good neighborly relations.

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