Corporate and Company Law

The Corporate Law Unit of our Firm is made up of specialists in the areas of corporate law, commercial contracting, international business, senior management, finance and tax law with the aim of reaching a clear understanding of our clients' businesses and their environment. In this way, it can design efficient and profitable corporate structures for our clients, as well as provide practical and effective solutions that consult their business interests and achieve the strategic results they desire.

From this unit, RUA ABOGADOS provides specialized advisory and consulting services, among other aspects, in:
  • Design of corporate structures and corporate schemes, according to the business needs of our clients, attending to their projects of market expansion and internationalization of operations.
  • Creation, operation, transformation, merger, division, dissolution and liquidation of companies, branches and agencies. Company records and inscriptions. Management of books and social reports.
  • Due legal diligence for the valuation of companies, acquisition and disposal of companies and shareholdings.
  • Business groups and control situations.
  • Prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.
  • Preparation and approval of required regulations regarding consumer protection (legal policies in relation to consumers, units of measure, claims, billing, regulations and legal procedures).
  • Establishments of trade and visual outdoor advertising (registration of notices, billboards, outdoor signs).
  • Preparation of regulations related to the processing of personal data (Habeas data), mailing and anti-spam.
  • Matters related to abuse of dominant position, monopoly, restrictive practices of competition, unfair competition and improper use of privileged information.
  • Intellectual property (registration and renewals of trademarks, patents, industrial secrets and utility models).
  • Horizontal property regime and closed real estate units.
  • Codes of good corporate governance, shareholder agreements, family protocols and succession plans.
  • General commercial contracting.

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