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We are passionate and enthusiastic about developing practical and innovative management alternatives, based on your business model. As an interdisciplinary team, we gather our best talents for a great goal:
"Achieving your strategic results".
¡That is how we work for you!

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Practice Areas
Agricultural law.

We are leaders in Colombia in the specialized legal management of property and agrarian matters, land regime and tenure systems.a.

Property and Agricultural Management of Real Estate Assets

We have access to UAV and LIDAR technology, as well as geographic information systems for surveying, planning, and geospatial design of properties

Environmental, Mining and Energy Management

We provide strategic advice in the planning and execution of environmental components associated with installation or expansion programs.

Corporate and Company Law

We accompany our clients in the definition and implementation of the best corporate structure for their business model, as well as in their contractual and corporate development, with the underwriting of assets and operations.

Corporate Labor Law

RUA ABOGADOS is a specialist in the management of labor relations, accompanying corporate departments in the different strategic and tactical organizational processes associated with the management of human talent.

Social Responsibility and Generation of Shared Value

We implement and manage sustainability strategies in business processes, based on programs to generate shared value with communities within their core of influence.

Health Legislation

Our Firm has specialized in the food sector, accompanying client companies in their certification and regulatory adjustment processes.

Investment projects

The program is a business initiative of the transnational private alliance BAa advocats, RUA ABOGADOS & CONSULTORES.

Crisis and Conflict Management

Aimed at supporting the managers and staff of client companies in a strategic way to overcome crises and emergency situations that threaten the achievement of their established objectives or good business success.

The growth and position in the Colombian legal market of RUA ABOGADOS is due to the trust that our clients have placed in us, in our capacities and dedication with the total commitment and self-demand that such a circumstance imposes on us.

We have programs structured through national and global alliances, which allow us to strengthen the projects undertaken in different business dimensions.

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